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The Edmonton Historical Board (EHB) is an advisory board to City Council. It advises City Council on historical issues and heritage policy, liaises with community groups involved with heritage issues, and works to educate citizens on the history of Edmonton. As well, the Board has a mandate to encourage, promote and advocate for the preservation and safeguarding of historical properties, resources, communities, and documentary heritage.

The Edmonton Historical Board consists of three committees.

Heritage Outreach Committee

HOC’s  primary focus is to assist the EHB in promoting public awareness of heritage concerns.

Where approved by the EHB, HOC provides external communication about EHB activities through various media including news releases, the Building Heritage newsletter, web sites, displays, Facebook and other aspects of Social Media, and creating forums for discussion.

HOC also

Historical Plaques and Recognition Awards Committee

Since 1974, the EHB has placed interpretive plaques on buildings, building fragments, and sites of historical significance in the Edmonton area. These plaques are important as they inform and remind the public of the historic importance of the site or structure.

Beginning in 1975, awards have been given to individuals and groups that have played an important role in preserving or promoting some aspect of Edmonton’s heritage. Groups or individuals may have

Historical Resources Review Panel

The HRRP was established by the EHB to provide a pool of expert professional and technical knowledge to the Board on the historical , architectural, social and other related values of buildings, sites and areas within the City of Edmonton.

HRRP is composed of:

HRRP  is responsible for:


The Edmonton Historical Board consists of 11 members appointed by City Council for a term of one year to a maximum of six consecutive terms. Member composition is as follows:

The EHB works very closely with the City Archives. The Board receives administrative support through the City Archives and Edmonton Community Services. The City Archivist, or designate, is an observer on the EHB and its committees. The EHB’s Administrator is supervised by the City Archivist.

The EHB has a representative member on the Naming Committee to provide perspective and advice from a heritage standpoint. The Naming Committee recommends to City Council, through Sustainable Development, on the name of sites, buildings, roads, and other infrastructure.

The City of Edmonton’s Heritage Planners attend meetings of the Board. The Planners address the heritage aspects of City planning  including ensuring the protection and preservation of heritage sites, coordinating the identification of historic resources, and the designation of Municipally Historic Resources.


The Edmonton Historical Board was created on October 25, 1938 as the Archives Committee of the City of Edmonton. It was responsible for the archives of the City. In 1947, the Archives Committee became the Archives and Landmarks Committee with the additional responsibility of marking historical sites. In 1958, the Committee established the first museum about Edmonton in association with the Northern Alberta Pioneers and Old Timers Association.

In 1966, the Archives and Landmarks Committee was transformed into the Edmonton Historical Board. With the City Archives established as a separate unit in 1971, opening in 1973. The Edmonton Historical Board no longer manages the City’s Archives, but instead plays an advisory and promotional role.

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