Classical Revival

Popular in Edmonton from 1905 to 1915, the style combines classical architecture from ancient Greece and Rome with ideas from the Renaissance. Characterized by order, symmetry, formal design, grandiosity, and elaborate ornamentation, this style of architecture represented an appearance of strength and stability. Due to the size and grandeur of the buildings, the Classical Revival style is most commonly seen in public buildings, though some residences display elements as well. The intricate and ornate detailing is quite impressive when compared to many of the other simpler styles of the time.

Style Characteristics

  • Broad expanses of plain wall surface 
  • Masonry walls (usually light in color)
  • Decorations include quoins, pilasters, columns, garlands, floral patterns and shields
  • Symmetrical facades
  • Arches or lintels above doors and windows
  • Porticos supported by classical columns