The Edwardian style was popular in Edmonton in the first decades of the 20th century and was most commonly seen in commercial buildings.

Originating in England during the reign of King Edward VII from 1901 to 1910, this architectural style was popular in Edmonton before the First World War.  Edwardian buildings are grand and robustly modeled and have rich surface decoration. Favorite motifs include: cupolas or towers, imposing domes whose supports may be decorated with large ornamental brackets, and open balustrades with round headed and broken pediments. As the style advanced, reaction against the extremely rich elements resulted in a taste for stripped classicism, which was less ornate. In Edmonton, the Edwardian style was used almost exclusively for public and commercial buildings. 


  • Brick construction
  • Stone trims and accents
  • Exterior painted signs on non-residential buildings
  • Use of parapets and pediments
  • Pressed-metal cornices that extend the full width of the building


Character Defining Elements

Arched Windows, Arched entrance, Architrave, Balcony, Balustrade, Brackets, Brick cladding, Brick structure, Carving, Cast stone, Clock tower, Columns, Corbelling, Corner entrance, Cornice, Coronets, Date stone, Decorated parapet, Decorative brick, Decorative shingles, Decorative terracotta, Decorative tiles, Dentil, Double door entryway, Double hung windows, Entablature, Exposed rafters, False Front, Flag pole, Flat roof, Four Storey, Frieze, Frontispiece, Gable dormer, Gabled parapet, Garland, Globe lights, Intersecting gable roof, Irregular footprint, Keystone, L shape footprint, Lintel, Mansard roof, Marquee sign, Metal structure, Nailed frame structure, Painted signage, Parapet, Pediment, Pendant, Pilaster, Plinth, Portico, Poured concrete structure, Precast concrete structure, Pressed Tin, Proscenium, Pyramidal roof, Quoins, Recessed Entry, Rectangular footprint, Reinforced concrete structure, Rounded pediment, Rusticated stone, Scrolled eave brackets, Sills, Skylight, Smooth stone, Spandrel, Steel Structure, Stepped parapet, Stone canopy, Stone capital, Stone cladding, Stone structure, String course, T shape footprint, Terra cotta, Three storeys or more, Tower, Two storeys, Veranda, Volutes, Voussoirs, Wooden shingles, Wooden windows


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