The iconic Flat Iron style is easily identifiable by its triangular footprint a flat roof.

The flatiron design originated in New York in 1902 and was popular in North American cities before the First World War. The style was born of necessity as a way of using oddly-shaped parcels of real estate. Because Edmonton had a vast amount of available land, most of which was conveniently laid out in a grid pattern, only one flatiron building was ever built.


  • Triangular shape footprint
  • Flat roof
  • Brick exterior
  • Usually had a cornice with classical detailing
  • Curved windows at the toe of the wedged shaped building
  • Linear arrangement of windows and doors


Character Defining Elements

Brick cladding, Brick structure, Coping, Cornice, Decorative brick, Flat roof, Keystone, Three storeys or more, Triangular footprint


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