Scottish Baronial

The Scottish Baronial style can be seen in some of Edmonton’s most iconic structures, such as the Hotel Macdonald or the Provincial Legislature.

Due to the grand scale of this style there are few examples in Edmonton.  Popular at the turn of the 20th century, this style is based on monumental medieval castles, tower houses and the French Château style and is appealing to many due to a defining fairy-tale character. The style evolved into a distinctly Canadian style as it was used across the country in many government buildings and railway hotels.


  • Large in scale
  • Asymmetrical plans and elevations
  • Steeply pitched, copper roofs
  • Stone or brick exterior
  • Prominent porches with large supporting columns
  • Crenellations
  • Pediments
  • Use of lavish decorations such as dormers, gables, conical towers, finials, and iron cresting


Character Defining Elements

Balcony, Balustrade, Bay window, Brick cladding, Brick structure, Carving, Columns, Coping, Corbelling, Crenellated parapet, Exposed rafters, Flag pole, Gable dormer, Gable roof, Gabled parapet, Hipped dormers, Hipped roof, Intersecting gable roof, Irregular footprint, Pier or Pillar, Pilaster, Pillars, Porch, Porte cochere, Portico, Pyramidal roof, Quoins, Rock-faced stone, Round headed dormer, Shed roof dormer, Smooth stone, Stone structure, Three storeys or more, Two & a half storeys, Veranda


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