Dr. Eardley Allin Residence

This Tudor Revival home was built in 1914 and was the home of Dr. Eardley Allin.

Located in the Garneau neighbourhood, near the University of Alberta, the Allin Residence was built by the Pearce brothers in 1914. The three-storey home was constructed in the Tudor Revival style, most prominently characterized by the half-timbered design, tall gable roof with multiple intersecting gables, prominent chimney, and tall mullioned windows. The residence also included a wraparound porch with what appears to be a sleeping porch just above the front entrance.

Following its completion, the home was sold to George Smith, who served as the Provincial Minister of Education in 1920. George Smith occupied the house until 1922, when Dr. Frank and Mrs. Crang purchased the house. The Crang family occupied the home until the 1940s, when it was given as a wedding gift to their daughter Jane upon her marriage to Dr. Eardley Allin. The Allin's occupied the house until 1968 when it was sold to the University of Alberta to allow the expansion of the campus. The residence and several others surrounding it were demolished and in 1971 the Law Building was built on the site.




Designation Status




Year Built




Architectural Styles

Tudor Revival

Character Defining Elements

Eaves , Gable dormer , Gable roof , Half-timbering , Mullion , Pier or Pillar , Porch , Three storeys or more


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