Edmonton Public School Board Building

The concrete construction, hard angles, heavy massing and lack of detail make this building a typical example of Brutalist architecture in Edmonton.

Built in 1960, the Edmonton Public School Board Building was designed by Richards Berretti and Jellinek Architects, who are well known for their Brutalist buildings in Edmonton. This building is an excellent example of the Brutalist style. The use of hard right angles gives this building a decidedly box-like form. The only detailing evident in this austere building are the functional louvers over the windows on the west façade, and the board-formed concrete on the second floor which provides a slight texture.

Over the years, the building has been used for many different purposes including offices for the Edmonton Public School Board, Alcoholics Anonymous and the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers. After being vacant for several years, it is currently being used as an indoor paintball facility.




Designation Status

No Historic Recognition



Year Built


Architectural Styles


Character Defining Elements

Cantilever projections , Curtain wall , Flat roof , Metal structure , Rectangular footprint , Sun screens , Textured concrete , Two storeys


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