Frederick S. Jones Residence

This clinker brick bungalow was built by expert mason Frederick Jones, who was also responsible for the clinker brick masterpiece Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

Built in 1926, this one and a half storey clinker brick home was built by its namesake, Frederick S. Jones. A master bricklayer who worked on projects such as Holy Trinity Church, Jones used his skills to build his home out of the beautiful but often misshapen clinker bricks. Using plans from the New York based Touchstone magazine, he constructed his home on four city lots in the Calder area, where he also operated Elm Park Greenhouses. The house is constructed of timber frame construction and features a side facing gable roof with two single storey, front hipped roof projections. The house still remains in the Jones family.




Designation Status

No Historic Recognition



Year Built


Architectural Styles


Character Defining Elements

Clinker brick , Exposed rafters , Gable roof , Half storey , Hipped roof , Irregular footprint , Stucco cladding


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