Valleyview Manor

Completed in 1961, Valleyview Manor is one of the first examples of a high-rise International style apartment building in Edmonton. 

Built by Arthur Victor Carlson and designed by Gordon Wynn, a principal and founding partner of local firm Rule Wynn and Rule Architects, the honey coloured brick building was designed as luxury apartments. Typical of the International style, the building lacks ornamentation while being rectangular in form with hard angular edges and a flat roof. 

Located in Oliver, this eight storey building provided bright and spacious floor plans. As one of the first multi-family structures within walking distance of downtown, it was ideal for white-collar office workers. Overlooking the North Saskatchewan River, the new apartment building attracted many prominent Edmontonians and those who could afford the higher rents. For example, the Winspear family invested heavily in the project and claimed Suite 701 for themselves. Harriet Snowball, the first resident manager, eventually married the widowed Francis Winspear in 1980.




Designation Status

No Historic Recognition



Year Built



Gordon Wynn

Architectural Styles


Character Defining Elements

Balcony , Brick cladding , Flat roof , L shape footprint , Mosaic tile , Polished stone , Poured concrete structure , Three storeys or more


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