West Residence

The West Residence is one of Edmonton's few surviving Queen Anne homes.

The West Residence is located in the Boyle Street neighbourhood, and is one of only a few surviving homes in an area that has largely been redeveloped with walk-up and high-rise apartment buildings. Although subdued, compared to other examples of Queen Anne architecture found elsewhere in Alberta, the West Residence bears many of the distinguishing characteristics of the style, such as its asymmetrical façade, steeply pitched cross-gable roof, full-width front porch, gingerbread trim and conical tower.

The West Residence was built around 1906, and was named after William West, one of Edmonton’s earliest residents. West walked to the city from Winnipeg in 1881, driving a herd of cattle. As a stone mason he was involved in the construction of Edmonton’s early buildings, including the 1882 Jasper Hotel, which is thought to be the first brick building west of Winnipeg. William West lived in the home with his wife from its construction in 1906 until at least 1914.




Designation Status

No Historic Recognition


Boyle Street

Year Built




Architectural Styles

Queen Anne

Character Defining Elements

Brick cladding , Brick structure , Decorative shingles , Gingerbread trim , Intersecting gable roof , Pier or Pillar , Square footprint , Turret , Veranda


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